Achievement of 2017

1- prepare the primary and detailed designs of two lots located baghdad - Bataween district

2- operate a lab and make test to alzawraa athlete stadium

3- audit the technical specification to roadway and bridges

4- provide the engineering consultant services inside the companies location in alwazziria  

5- audit the studies and designs to construct alimara main garage in missan 

6- prepare studies and designs to construct alnassiria main garage along with building department in thiqar

7-provide consultant services to the calculating designs of the LPG 10 tans tank

8- make lab test to all the materials that are part of constructing baghdad faculty of pharmacy 

9- provide a consultant construction services to install 8 gas power units

10- survey works to abo gharb project in maysan

11- make a soil test and approve the designs to erect 75m of communication tower foundation  

12- provide engineering consultant services to design rest house in karbalaa

13- implement test holes and make field and lab tests