Bureau's Presidency Statement

The university of technology and since its establishment in 1975 has aimed to provide its scientific and engineering services to the society with its different sectors and activities, the importance of the positive role which played by the universities as a cultural and intellectual centers,and through its multi-disciplinary department ( scientific and engineering) and the activities of scientific research, in addition to the active contribution of building and developing the main pillars to strengthen the society economy according to the basics and modern technical trends by establishing the engineering and scientific consultant bureau in 1980 to contribute actively through professors of special experiences, providing its consultant services of state institutions for both private and general sectors, national investment authority and for citizen with suitable prices, as well as its contribution to upgrade the level of profession in Iraq, alternating the experience with corresponding consultant bureaus and authorities of both inside and outside Iraq including construction and architectural designs and all the specialization of engineering services, reviewing, approval, projects supervision especially evaluating building, equipment and preserving the architectural heritage, as well as conducting the lab tests in a high quality performance efficiency with experience of consultant professors in the universities and all the supporting staff aiming to achieve the highest level of quality, accuracy and complementary  to fulfill the actual needs of society and keep up with the massive digital development and strategic goals of the university as which consider as a special one in engineering and applied science in different field, which works according to a scientific programs in building human confidentially and thoughtfully as well as its ability according to the universities logo, focusing on the concept of the quality  and accreditation and the evolution of the society to contribute in the thought of sustainable production, documenting those programs and developmental procedures by applicate the rules, regulation, standards and reducing the gap between theory and practice aiming at achieving a qualitative transformation in consulting and laboratory work and raising the level of technical specification in different proffesional aspect as well as excuting its lab designs and consultant works by supervision of vaculty members, engineering and scientific staff in the university in both main and sub specialities which includes: Arch engineering dep, civil engineering dep, electrical engineering dep, mechanical engineering dep, electromechanical engineering dep, chemical engineering dep, production eng and metallurgy dep, control and system eng dep , computer science eng dep , material eng dep, petroleum technology dep, laser and optoelectronies eng dep, biomedical eng dep, communication eng dep, computer science dep, applied science dep 

although the bureau contains a number of laboratories of many modern and specialized equipment which providing a wide and variety of lab tests with the efforts of its staff to acquire the quality and accreditation certificate 17025 for the construction lab , we are going to to obtain the accreditation system with strategic plan of bureau activities entirely, including 9001 system 

although there are seven of research centers within universities participate in bureau works includes:

information technology center, energy and renewable energies technology center,environmental research center, nanotechnology research center, training and workshop center , continuous education center, English language center.

over the past years ,the consultant bureau has been interested on focusing in number of scientific, technical and training programs to develop individual and collective skills of the trainees weather they are employee, students or external participants, and this has an evident impact to create a productive knowledge society, improve the level of business and quality of performance in their institution, in addition help the graduates develop their skills and enhance the confidence in them by finding a suitable job to qualify them in community service  participation according to their position by mastering the levels of consultant works with all its lab, scientific and engineering specialities and its well management

hence, to make the bureau an institution with the capability of dealing with huge amount of information, building skills and adaptation aiming to fulfill the contineous process of change and technological process, and then translate them into practical reality through building multiple partnerships with professional institution, get benefit from them to serve the consultative work process effectively

 eventually, the scientific and engineering consultant bureau - university of technology, with all its staff and since its establishment, has endeavouring to work in a team spirit with the presidency of the university and support it in this regard and with the head of departments, university professors and consultants in order to reach the goals set.