عضو الارتباط

عضو الارتباط

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In 30/3/2021, the science and engineering consultant bureau held its third session headed by Dr.Ibraheem Jawad Khadim in addition to its members and legal consultant Abd-Alhussain Muhammed Ali 

In this session, contractual, financial and technical issues were discussed within the record of meeting.

تم عقد الجلسة الثالثة للعام 2021 لمجلس المكتب بتاريخ 30/3/2021 المصادف يوم الثلاثاء , حيث ترأس الجلسة أ.د ابراهيم جواد كاظم وبحضور جميع اعضاء الجلسة اضافة الى المشاور القانوني السيد عبدالحسين محمد علي 

تم مناقشة وتداول امور فنية ومالية وتعاقدية ضمن محضر الجلسة.





members of the university of technology headed by the president of the university Dr. Ahmed Al Ghaban responded the invitation of the ministry of electricity Majid Mahdi Khatoush on 10/2/2021 at his office.

The members also include both of: 

1- Dr-Haider Abd Dhahad / vice chancellor foe scientific affairs

2- Dr-Tariq Al-Atar / the manager of scientific and engineering consultant bureau

3- Dr-Rasheed Hameed Al rubaiee/ an consultant from the electricity engineering department 

4- Dr-Ali Yousif Fatah / an consultant from communication engineering department

during the meeting, they discussed the technichal and scientific cooperation between university stuff and work sector which concerns the ministry.



the scientific and engineering consultant bureau has been chosen by the korean agency for the international cooperation as its consultative body in its work with the ministry of labor and social affairs as the bureau gained the highest rating evaluation conducted by bureau experts

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