Achievement of 2015

1-open and operate a field lab to alhifaya project 

2- an engineering consultation, supervision and field lab for alwafaa and alustura housing project in karbalaa

3- audit and design water park project at albayaa district

4- implement test holes, make lab and field tests for used forms 

5- study the environmental impact evaluation of communication towers projects

6- open and operate a field test for training and air development center and air shipping center 

7- Audit the primary designs, BOQ, estimated cost , designed calculation and modify it to construct real estate building in maysan   

 8- operate and supervise a field lab to test the samples of add a lay of pavement for general hospital project of armed forces in baghdad 

9- supervise to reconstruct and rehabilitate the factory of machinery maintenance at baghdad international airport

10- audit designs to abas bin firnas housing complex project

11- provide environmental impact study to communication towers sites

12-evaluate the study to construct a factory to produce a pistols in iraq

13- make a geotechnical test, soil test and electrical resistance test

14- audit the sewage system report , sump pump and purification stations in cities

15- provide consultant services to basmaya project 

16- survey works for services which obstruct potable water pipes 

17- audit the primary designs , BOQ and estimated cost to real estate building in alnajaf 

18- consultant services to reconstruct a bridge in north of baghdad

19- provide consultant services to supervise on rehabilitate and and develop alsuwairah airbase project  

20- open a field lab to implement the construction testts affiliate with project of reconstruct and develop diyala provice

21- consultant to evaluate alkarma hotel

22- provide engineering and reconstruction consultant study and supervise to reconstruct a factory to produce an electronic passport and card

23- modify the designs of general passport building to the ministry of interior

24- make environmental impact study to communication towers sites

25- prepare electrical designs of alkarma hotel