Achievements of 2016

1- Engineering supervision and consultant and field lab to AL-Ustura and AL-wafaa projects in karbalaa.

2- Open and operate a field lab of the project to construct an electric station in AL-Taji

3- Prepare designs and drawings to field lab building 180 m2  , engineers offices building and two residential buildings 

4- Design an excavating sample to the solar lightening  system of aircraft fans

5- audit design of housing al khwa project

6-provide consultant services to housing alakhwa project

7- provide technical consultant to sawa railway project along with 3 bridges 

8- provide consultant services to audit , engineering supervise and approve to construct Jawharat AL-Muhit complex in ALKadimiya

9-provide technical and engineering  consultant to design , supply and install   CCTV project in ALHila and ALmussayb

10- prepare desgin and BOQ for hydrant system of fire - fighting system at electric station in almsayb

11- make soil test to ALzawraa theatre site

12- supervise diyala project building

13- introduce samples of soil compaction to Germany hospital site in ALJadriya

14- implement and design floating dock platform in north of um qasr

15- study the damage and treatment , BOQ, estimated costs to the tunnels of baghdad in ALRisafa side

16-study the damage and treatment , BOQ, estimated costs to the tunnels of baghdad in ALKharkh side 

17- make an environmental impact studies to towers sites belongs to the first party located in baghdad and provinces

18- prepare drawings an BOQ to develop fire-fighting in ALAdle warehouse

19- prepare the environmental impact report to housing ALakhwa complex project in alamirya

20- a project of digging a safety bunker in karbalaa