Achievement of 2018

1- supervise on the implementation of the multiple private college along with it sub building 

2- prepare the evaluation scheme to one warehouse in jurf al nadaf site

3- consultant services to prepare the studies and designs to construct al hila main garage in babylon

4- consultant services to audit the studies and designs to al kut main garage in wassit 

5- consultant services to make soil tests to imam adam street

6- consultant services to maintain a small bridge in beirut square

7- manage field lab to salman bak station project

8- make a field test to al imary station in alnasir and alsahafeer station in al obaidi area

9- soil test to the fire fighter water tank 500 cubic meter in diyala oil main warehouse 

10- prepare designs and detailed drawings and bill of quantities to the distribution of the oil products 

11- monitering the expansion movement in alshaheed gazi hospital belongs to madinat al tib hospital 

12- implement a free selected holes and make a field and lab tests

13- provide studies and technical consultant expertise in secure military communication system, code system and data transfer 

14- audit and approve all the architectural, construction drawings along with plumbing , mechanical , electrical services to al sindibad recreational city

15- make a geotechnical soil test al kannat bridge on the 8th kilometer within water resources at abu ghareeb

16- provide a consultant services to supervise and approve on housing complex project in karrada mariem district

17- purchase a last updated satellite picture to baghdad city 

18- audit and  approve a designed drawings and bill of quantities to rehabilitate the mechanical shop in baghdad international airport