Achievments of 2019

1- checking and approving drawings and BOQ of HVAC ,cranes and ducts  for the rehabilitation project of the vehicle's repair plant at Baghdad International Airport / Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

2- implement detailed architectural , structural , electricity , HVAC and sanitary designs for the Information and Communication Technology University / Ministry Of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

3- training of staff  to operate the industrial waste treatment unit of AL-Ammen factory /the general company of food products / Ministry of Industry and Minerals .

4-the operation and supervision of the field construction laboratory for KAI Co in Al- suwairah air base project / Ministry Of Defense. 

5- a study  for concrete water tank repairing(1800 m3)for fire fighting- system in the Gas filling company, the works / Ministry Of Oil 

6- conducting soil investigation and supervising construction works  / Khairat AL-Subtain  Co (private sector)

7- traffic study for the impacts of implementing five investment projects in Baghdad International Fair / Ministry of Trade

8- supervision the maintenance and pavement work for salah AL-din highway road/ Mayorality of baghdad

9- supervision the construction of AL-Umara Electrical station / Al- Rafidain Bank

10-supervising the rehabilitation of Ibn-Sinna Hospital / Ministry of Health and Environment

11- a supervision study for piping of water supply and sewage and their social and environmental impacts / UNICEF

12- checking and approving the drawings and BOQ for the mechanical works of the administrative complex buildings of General Co. for land transportation/ Ministry of Transportation

13-supervision the field testing program to detect earth cavities in Abu-Nawas street near AL-jumhuria bridge./Mayorality of baghdad

14- feasibility study for the production of basic topographic plans in Iraq / Ministry of Water Resources

15- implement detailed architectural , electrical , structural, HVAC and sanitary designs for the diroctorate of medical clinics/ Ministry of Health and Environmental

16- the operation and supervision of the field construction laboratory for SOMO residential complex/Ministry Of Oil

17- implement BOQ and drawings for the general  mesopotamia co. for seeds/ Ministry of Agricultural 

18- implement supervision and consultancy services for the general population and housing census / ministry of planning

19- checking and approving the prelim and detailed design for the construction of 10000 residential units project/ Malcon Sakarya Co.

20- supervision the construction of  classroms at the information and commnication technology university/ Minisrty of higher education scientific Research